Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wish You Were Here | Giving new life to a track of mine from 2014.


The story of the track and where I got the inspiration from:
This track is a track the dates all the way back to the year 2014. I just heard Avicii's 'All You Need Is Love' and was truly fascinated by the guitar in the end.

I chased that sound, found it, and changed it. I wanted to make a melody like it, so I tried my best. I also heard 'X You' as well as 'Speed' at the time so I wanted to go along using the same kind of chord progression.

After making the intro melody I couldn't come up with any drop melody so I made two arps and forgot about the track for 4 years.

I finally took the courage to continue the track a couple of days ago, and got inspired by Avicii's melody from the making of 'Dancing In My Head' with FutureMusicMagazine (the melody from 0:00:00 - 0:00:30:

I wanted the same kind of melody so I tried changing it and ended up with the bell melody in the drop.

What is the track about?
The track is about witnessing something truly beautiful like a sunset, nothern lights etc. by yourself, and then suddenly you think of someone else and you wish that the person were there by your side to witness it as well.

Can I hear the demo from 2014?
You can listen to the demo here:

Thank you for listening - I hope you enjoyed it :)

- MusicDAB

Friday, March 30, 2018

'Chasing Love' | First time with my own lyrics and singing.

This new song is really special.

For the first time I've written my own lyrics as well as sung them myself.

If you missed my post on Facebook you can read what the song is about in this picture below (taken from my Facebook page):

As I'm not really comfortable with my voice, I sung on the instrumental version I made but tuned it 2 semitones up. 

Afterwards, I took the recorded vocal and placed it in the original key of the song and pitched it 2 semitones down. This way it has that nice deep house type vocal to it.

Free download on Soundcloud.

In the 2nd break I removed the guitar as I wanted the guitar to fade into the 2nd drop, but I found the song quite empty at that point. I decided to use a vocoder which filled the space up quite nicely.

TIP: When using a vocoder, make the carrier play deeper notes than you would usually do. Those (too) deep bass notes sounds great on a vocoded vocal. Also, make sure to give the carrier a lot of noise to it as this gives the vocoded vocal a nice spark to it.

The idea of the guitar melody came to me after I heard Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' + wanted to make a song with those nice "sunsetting" summer vibes to it (therefore the cover art picture). 

Thank you for reading this! And thank you for listening. Please tell me what you think about it :)

- MusicDAB. 


Monday, March 19, 2018

Care | The power of love.

Hi again,

I'm back with a new track called 'Care'. 

I wrote it back when my ex-girlfriend was ill (we were still together back then) and I took care of her. The tables turned, I got sick, and she took care of me.

'Care' is about that feeling of love you get when someone are taking care of you, when you're ill.

The pitched sound in the break is a symbol of illness taking over your body, and you feel tired and in no mood for anything. 

After the break the euphoric arp with the heavy drums symbolises the love you feel as well as the hope/road to getting better.

I hope you like it :)

Free download on Soundcloud

As always, thank you for reading and listening.

- MusicDAB


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sea of Mirrors - new track with vocal chops.

Hi guys,

I've made a new track where I've used vocal chops for the 2nd time I think - the first time was 'Disco Freak' back in 2014.

I've listened a lot to Hellberg's single 'Slumber Party' and his remix of 'Age of Innocence' by Elephante (ft. Trouze and Damon Sharpe).

I really like the vocal chops in the two tracks so I decided to try it out myself:

I've used Fruity Slicer to make the vocal chops and made some pitch changes of some of the chops.

I also tried "STACKING THE LAAAYERSSS" as well as using extreme EQ'ing to match the amount of layers. The mix sounds quite busy, but I don't think it looses energy which was my goal for this track (= lots of energy).

The mixing process took a lot of time as I must have rendered a "final version" 20 times this week...

And for the first time I've used autotune on a synthesizer - it gives the pluck sound I made in Poizone a little roll at 1:26 and 1:34 among other times in the track.

I hope you like it - if you do, feel free to download it on my Soundcloud.

- MusicDAB.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

OMFG style :D

Hi again,

I've made a new track called 'Crazy Drink' because I couldn't think of any name so I came up with that *facepalm*.

It's inspired by OMFG and his music, but as always I've mixed my inspiration from his music with my own style.

It's quite short (2:16) which is a little experiment - I've tried to produce a track that isn't boring at any moment. This made it a little shorter than normally, but I like the idea behind it.

You can listen to the track here on YouTube:

I have an announcement as well. Since I turned 18 in January I'm now linked up on Bandcamp, so you can now support me (if you want) by buying my tracks for 0.80 USD here:

I'm only doing it to see how many will buy my tracks ( just one will make it all worth it!) so if you want to download it, just send my an email to this address:

Thank you for reading and listening,

- MusicDAB 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

UPDATE: Social media platforms (what to expect?).

Hi again guys,

This is an update I've made to make my social media platforms more interesting and to give each of them a purpose.

I've written about the update on my Facebook:

You can find the links to my social media platforms here:

A question-and-answer will be on all my descriptions on YouTube and Soundcloud posts so you'll easily find what you are looking for:

Q: What can I find on your Soundcloud?
A: My feedback versions of my tracks + my collaborations and official remixes.

Thank you,

- MusicDAB

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

'This View' - The emotion is real

Hi again guys,

This time I made one of those track that just comes to you, and the emotion of the track catches you instantly. 

It's called 'This View' and is inspired by the view on me and my classmates altan on our study trip to Rome, Italy. 

I really hope that you like it and find it as beautiful as the view itself.

If you want a "Behind the track" of this one, please leave a comment or contact me at 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)

Btw, you can download the track on Soundcloud:

- MusicDAB 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kings of Tomorrow (2014 Bootleg)

Hi guys,

I'm back with another track. This time it's a bootleg of 'Kings of Tomorrow ft. Julie McKnight - Finally'.

I produced the bootleg back in 2014, but never finished it probably... Until now.

The bootleg is faster and more melodic than the original song, but still has a nice feel to it. The original song is a masterpiece and by making a bootleg close to the original would the impossible and a wannabe song.

Therefore it's pretty far from the original, but with a nice feel to it.

I hope you like it.

Here it is:

And here is the 'Behind the track' video:

Thank you for watching and listening.

- MusicDAB

'Behind the track' - What is that? What can I expect? When?

Hi guys,

I'm making a whole new concept now. 

When I, in the future, am releasing some new tracks, some of those tracks will have a 'Behind the track' video to it.

What is 'Behind the track'?
It is a video of the project file in FL Studio of the track. The purpose is to show a physical product of the structure of the track. 

What can I expect?
It is not an in-depth video where I talk about how I came up with the melody or sound design etc. But a video where I play the track, and while it plays I show what plugins I used, how the melody goes, the automation, and the arrangement.

When will you release a new 'Behind the track' video?
I'm not going to release a 'Behind the track' video for all my tracks, but I'll gladly accept requests. Without requests, I will make a 'Behind the track' video when I think you'll like to see what is going on in the released track.

Until then. Thank you for reading this.

P.S. the first will be about a bootleg I made from 2014.

- MusicDAB

Monday, November 20, 2017

"True Stories" - Should I watch it eventually?

Hi guys,

This article is a follow-up to the previous one: "Avicii documentary: True Stories". 

The difference between the two articles is that I hadn't watched the documentary yet in the previous one, but in this one, I have.

What is it exactly about?
So, True Stories is a quite serious documentary about Avicii and how he worked his ass off with his friends (among these, Otto Knows) when he was 18 but also now at 28.

The movie gives the viewer a glimpse of both the fun but also the sad, hard, and stressing parts of his journey as an artist.

The film also shows the impact of money in the music industry where people don't really care about your health or how you feel, but only about the money. 

Avicii realizes this when he's sick (at risk of dying), and on 20 pills a day but is still forced to play a lot of shows because it's too expensive to cancel.  

What is good about it?
When watching the documentary, you get surprised how talented Avicii are. 

One thing is that Tiƫsto, David Guetta, Otto Knows and Laidback Luke participates in the film.

Another thing is that Chris Martin from Coldplay stands up while Avicii is talking and yells that he can't believe how talented Avicii is while smiling and taking his hands to his head.

Wyclef Jean is also an example when Avicii suggest a chord and Wyclef Jean is like "there it is!" and can't stop smiling. 
And at the same time, he compares Avicii with the classical musicians because he has the whole "symphony" in his head.

The same with Nile Rodgers who talks about how talented Avicii is.

All in all, everybody is amazed at his talent.

Should I watch it then?
If you think you know Avicii, think again. By following his YouTube channel, you will witness that some of the videos have been used, but there're clips that no one, until now, has seen.

The film will show you the "behind the scenes" of the music industry and will make you gasp when seeing Avicii stoned on medic pills and still being persuaded to give a half-an-hour interview.

The film is also quite "entertaining" because you're captured by every single comment in it, both fun, savage, harsh, sweet, chocking and frustrating comments.

All in all, yes I think you should watch it. 

- MusicDAB