Friday, July 31, 2015

The story behind my artist name: "MusicDAB"

When I started producing back in 2010 (or 2011. I don't quite remember), I wanted to publish my music on YouTube, but I needed an artist name. I didn't DJ back then (I didn't even know what DJ's did), so I didn't do the same thing, as almost any other amateur producer did back then. I didn't put DJ in my name (DJ MusicDAB for example).

My artist name itself isn't really that creative. I knew that I made music, and my initials is D, A and B. Therefore i thought: I make music (Music...) and my initials is DAB (...DAB). I know!: MusicDAB!

And that is the story behind my artist name :) The ironic part is, that DAB has something to do with line dance (try searching DAB on YouTube)...

Thank you for reading (and listening). I hope you liked my little story :)

- MusicDAB

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